What You Need to Know About Super-EMP Bombs for "Blackout Warfare"

What You Need to Know About Super-EMP Bombs for “Blackout Warfare”

February 5, 2019

Today, it seems like news comes and goes so quickly that it’s impossible to keep up. The seemingly biggest stories are often forgotten in a matter of days, and a lot of important information doesn’t even make it into many news reports. One of the important stories we should be following is the increased development of powerful nuclear bombs by some of the biggest nations in the world, including China and Russia. Read on to find out more about a report on these nuclear weapons and what they might mean for the world.

How EMP bombs are used

A recent congressional study found that several countries are producing powerful nuclear weapons that release electromagnetic pulses that are powerful enough to take down major power grids within a radius of hundreds of miles. These weapons are being developed as part of the military advancement plans of several world powers, including China, Russia, North Korea and Iran. These weapons are not intended to do any physical harm to people—in fact, they can be detonated at such high altitudes that they don’t even produce a blast. However, these weapons can do serious long-lasting damage to electronics and electrical grids.

Developing EMP technology is becoming increasingly easy to control and adjust. These bombs can be detonated further up in altitude to create a much wider impact radius, or closer to the earth for a smaller, more concentrated pulse. These bombs can be launched using various methods, including missiles, satellite and even commercial jets. Regardless of how these weapons are used, their effects can be devastating. Losing power doesn’t just impact people with consumer electronics who want to stay connected—it can put people who are receiving medical care at risk and inhibit communication between local, state and federal departments and agencies. These issues directly impact security, safety and health.

Currently, the United States does not have any EMP bombs in its nuclear arsenal, which makes us more vulnerable in the event that we were to enter into a conflict with a country that does. EMP bombs can be used to target military operations and bases in order to restrict the use of missiles and other weaponry. If the United States was the target of an EMP attack, there’s no telling how much of an impact it would have or how long-lasting the effects would be. It’s safe to say that this kind of attack has the potential to shake markets and do some serious damage.

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- by Steve Hunt

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