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Gold Value vs. Dollar Value

December 12, 2018

It’s been a volatile year for both the stock market and the U.S. dollar. While the dollar did see a heartening upswing after April, the current state of national and global politics has made it hard to predict with any reasonable degree of certainty how the dollar will fare at any point in the near future. Speculation that the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates helped the value of the dollar, but overall, the period from June 2017 to June 2018 was not particularly kind to the dollar. After a skid from June through September 2017, the dollar began to... View Article

An Overview of Gold Price Manipulation

November 21, 2018

Take a look back over the history of central banks in the United States and beyond, and you’ll notice there is a long, clearly documented history of manipulation of gold prices. This isn’t particularly surprising or unusual—just about all financial markets see some level of manipulation. But it is especially noteworthy in the case of gold, because gold is such a foil to the banks that it is in the best interest of the banks to control it as much as possible. Central banks tend to be a little nervous (or even scared) of the idea of gold, because it... View Article

Currency Manipulation: What Does It Mean?

November 7, 2018

The United States has benefited for much of the last century by having the dollar function essentially as the global currency of choice. How did this come about? Well, at the time the world began adopting the dollar as the primary currency for international commerce (after World War II), America had a relatively stable political climate, and a national economy that was growing and capable of making it through a variety of financial and economic challenges. Plus, there was very little risk of there ever being any war on American soil. Of course, nothing lasts forever in the world of... View Article

Why a Gold IRA Is Currently a Sensible Idea for Americans

October 30, 2018

While a Gold IRA is always going to be beneficial to anyone who has one, they are an especially sensible idea right now given the current financial and political climate in the United States. We’ve been fortunate to have experienced a bull market within the last several years, but most economic experts believe this bull market is on its way out. Yes, the stock market is within reach of some major records. But at the same time, financial analysts believe we are also on the precipice of another crash and a resulting recession, which could last years (similar to the... View Article

The Next Crash Could Be Worse Than the Great Depression

October 24, 2018

Financial experts are not exactly sunny on the future of the American economy. There have been several reports focusing on certain foreboding economic factors, such as massively skyrocketing household debts and student loans, that could result in a crash some experts believe could be “worse than the Great Depression.” Goldman Sachs, one of the world’s largest financial institutions, predicted the American financial outlook for this year would be “not good,” and reported that household debt in the United States has been steadily rising since the 2008 housing crisis and financial crash forced American taxpayers to bail out many of the... View Article