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American Gold Eagle vs. Silver Eagle

You may already have an IRA or have thought about setting one up. It’s a smart, simple thing that anyone can do to save money for the future. But, many IRAs are subject to problems such as inflation or—in the event of an invested IRA—fluctuations in the stock market. Few people realize there’s a smarter alternative: a precious metals IRA.

Gold Wealth Financial works with clients to help them understand and create a precious metals IRA. We can advise you on how to properly roll over an existing IRA or set up a new one, along with informing you on how and when to buy gold in Scottsdale, AZ. We aim to help you set up a long-term investment account that’s stable in the face of currency fluctuations and viable regardless of the economic climate.

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How it Works

In a precious metals IRA, you actually hold physical gold and silver (coins and bullion). There are two ways to set up this type of account:

  • You can create an IRA where you are the manager of the fund. In this situation, if you hold gold or buy silver in Scottsdale, AZ, it’s delivered directly to you and you’re responsible for safe, secure storage.
  • If you designate Gold Wealth Financial as the manager of the IRA, we take care of all storage, housing your precious metals in a national storage facility where they’ll be safe at all times.

Once you hold precious metals—whether locally or through a managed service—they become part of your portfolio. Their value is dictated by the spot price of the gold and silver market—a market that has seen 300% growth in the last decade due to growing fears of economic instability!

The market has seen 300% growth in the last decade due to growing fears of economic instability!


gold american eagle coinGold IRA: May contain U.S. coins weighted at 1 oz., ½ oz., ¼ oz and 1/10 oz, as well as pure 24-karat gold bullion bars (1 oz – 400 oz.).

Eagle CoinSilver IRA: May contain 1 oz. silver U.S. coins and a limited number of Royal Canadian minted coins, as well as various silver rounds and bars with .999 purity.

Invest Intelligently

Investing in the stock market means subjecting yourself to all sorts of unpredictable variables. Precious metals are backed by the stability that comes from physical wealth. Gold and silver IRAs are the smart choice for long-term peace of mind.

To learn more about setting up a precious metals IRA, tax implications, fund management and more, contact Gold Wealth Financial today at (800) 988-8443.

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