Why Gold and Silver?

Fine Gold

Many people are unfamiliar with the benefits of investing in gold, silver, and other precious metals because they’ve had very little exposure to these assets. The United States Gold Standard ended in 1971, that means if the dollar ever collapses, your paper money investments could become worthless.

However, by diversifying your portfolio and investing in gold and silver, you can protect your hard earned assets from any future financial crisis or economic collapse. By having access to actual gold and silver, you’ll still be able to purchase everything you want and need should our currency lose its worth because gold and silver never lose their value.

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Investing in Precious Metals

Today, most precious metal investing is done through ETFs and other specialized funds, rather than through something more physical, like gold coin investing in Scottsdale, AZ. The problem with this is that these investments aren’t typically tied to physical metals—they’re a bet on the market for precious metals. Investing in gold or silver coins or bullion ensures your investment is backed by something physical!

Gold coins with a growth chart behind them

Stability with Uncertainty

Gold and silver coin investing is considered a “safe” investment because of its physicality. For this reason, it’s where many institutional investors put their money when signs of an economic downturn strike. In most stock market crashes and corrections, the prices of gold and silver rise steeply, while stocks and other exchange-traded funds plummet.

When you consider that, historically, the economy corrects itself every few years and enters a stark recession every decade or so, precious metals become a clear choice for anyone seeking a smart, stable, long-term investment. While other investors have to deal with the ebb and flow of the stock market, precious metal investors have watched their investments rise as much as 300% since the last market crash.

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In the face of inflation, economic factors and more, precious metals like gold and silver are less of a bet and more of a sure thing, simply because they’re universally valued. If you’re not one to take risks and want the peace of mind that comes with long-term stability and reliability, gold and silver are the investments you need to be making.

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